About CCM


Control Chan Managemen" or CCM addresses the different aspects of the control of industrial systems.


To help industry to develop its organic, collective, social intelligence

Mode of operations

CCM if the home for independent projects dedicated to specific subjects. Some project have finite outcome and duration, other are continuous developments. Example of project categories are:

  • Development (finite outcome)
  • Feedback (ongoing support on specific topics)
  • Portal (gather references)
  • Repositories (development of reference resources)


Each project is led independently by an appointed project leader. 

The global management of the community is assumed by Jean Vieille.  


Anyone wishing to participate must register in order to subscribe to a project or to suggest the creation of a new one. 

Users and Contributors

Registered usersl can subscribe to any open project in order to get access to the project resources and submit comments.

Active contributions (posting new content elements, files) require the "Contributor" grant.

Applications and grants are handled by project leaders

New projects

Registered users can suggest new projects


Registered users can offer sponsorship to support specific CCM projects